Fighting Covid Vaccine Misinformation: We all know a know-it-all – that uncle or friend who claims expertise on every popular topic, from managing inflation to fixing cars, and even on Covid vaccines. This CDC funded campaign urges people not to blindly trust these know-it-alls, as relying on them is the quickest route to spreading misinformation.


To help amplify the campaign on social networks where Latinos are most active, we recruited numerous Influencers, large and small, to help combat Covid-19 vaccine misinformation at the source by credibly delivering our anti-misinformation messages.

We helped develop content-relevant microsites both in English and Spanish. These microsites serve as hubs for accurate Covid-related info. Bilingual digital banners of all shapes and sizes also played in helping to raise awareness of vaccine misinformation, while also driving traffic to UnidosUS’ microsites.

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