I worked with a wide range of influencers and celebrities, from mega to mid-tier to nano influencers. My role involved collaborating closely with influencer teams at various agencies, selecting, curating, and writing content, as well as providing creative direction for different campaigns.

Paid Influencers Examples

(Mega Influencers +1MM Followers)


The first-ever Audible campaign for the U.S. Hispanic market included a range of social media and influencer efforts. One of these influencers was Massy Arias. With more than 3 million followers on Instagram, this fitness and lifestyle influencer invited people to listen to Audible audiobooks while exercising.

Massy Arias | +3MM Followers on Insta


To launch Denny's On Demand, we worked with Giovani Dos Santos, one of the most popular Mexican National Soccer team players on social media. Taking advantage of the product launch during a Soccer World Cup year, we created a campaign led by social media that included efforts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, among other platforms.

Gio Dos Santos | 2.5MM Followers on Insta


For almost a decade, TMobile partnered with LeJuan James, one of the first U.S. Latino mega influencers. Together, we've created campaigns celebrating key cultural moments for the Latino community, enhancing our brand visibility and cultural relevance. Through relatable and engaging content, our collaboration has deepened our connection with our audience.

LeJuan James | +3.5MM Followers on FB


Juanpa Zurita is one of the most prominent Latino influencers in the U.S. With over 34 million followers on Instagram and more than 7.5 million on Facebook, he played a significant role in our social media campaign for the Toyota Yaris.

Juanpa Zurita | +34MM Followers on Insta & +7.5 MM on FB


Organic Influencers

(Non-Paid Influencers & Celebrities That Organically Promoted Some Of My Campaigns)


Ashton Kutcher has organically promoted our campaign on his personal Facebook account and his A+ channel. Other celebrities, including George Takei, Jorge Ramos, Vicente Fox (former President of Mexico) have also shown their support. Major media platforms such as ABC, NBC, Univision, and CNN, along with many other international media channels, have featured our campaign.

ASHTON KUTCHER | +17MM Followers on FB


The main video ad of our United Farm Workers campaign was retweeted by numerous influencers, celebrities and politicians, such as US Vice-President Kamala Harris, U.S. Congressman Joaquin Castro, Eva Longoria, Edward James Olmos, among many others.


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Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 11.28.55 AM

Social Media Campaign CASE STUDY


We've created a coffee inspired by the horsepower of the Toyota Tundra to support soccer fans who wake up super early to cheer for their team during the Soccer World Cup. By promoting the hashtag #tundrapower, our campaign exploded on various social media channels, creating thousands of interactions. We ended up giving away 7 tons of coffee and increasing purchase desire for the Tundra by around 17%.

Screenshot-2024-05-11-at-10.30.15 AM
Screenshot-2024-05-11-at-10.32.06 AM
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